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About us

Dear Food People is one of Singapore's niche platforms for providing accessible, science-based information, aiming to connect the dots between the complexities of the food industry and its impact on both consumers and the environment.

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Launched in 2023, we write for anyone curious about the science behind their food, from fresh produce to packaged products. Our resource platform welcomes everyone, from enthusiasts to beginners, and aims to empower readers with the knowledge required to make informed dietary and ethically conscious choices.
Our articles focus on debunking food myths and providing clear, straightforward insights into food production, sustainability, and environmental effects, all while avoiding overwhelming our audience with excessive information.


Publishing weekly from Singapore, we feature contributions from experts with academic and professional backgrounds in food science, ensuring that even those new to the subject can easily grasp the topics discussed. We explore all topics concerning food origin, production methods, and the environmental implications of food consumption, including issues related to climate crisis, sustainability and carbon footprint. So, stay tuned!

Our Editorial Voice

Dear Food People’s tone of voice is conversational, informal, warm, friendly, and fun. This platform is a safe space without the use of any patronising language; instead, we find an inspiring, positive tone that is conversational with a dash of humour where appropriate. When we write, we aim to simplify unnecessary technical jargon that is sometimes used by food brands to cloud consumers’ judgement; instead, we stick to the facts to provide content written in plain English that is easygoing and engaging.

Our Ethos

Our ethos celebrates, inspires, and supports consumers who prioritise quality and ethical sourcing. These consumers are powerful drivers of innovation and development within the food industry. We believe that empowering ethical and socially conscious buying decisions is the key to a sustainable future. We aspire to create a positive, transparent space filled with knowledge and ideas, fostering initiatives that inspire greater good.

The Founder

Holding a master’s degree in food science from the UK, his career has spanned roles as an auditor, trainer, consultant, and implementor, guiding companies towards achieving global recognition in food quality, safety, and ethical standards. He now, as a writer, gives back to the community with his views and opinions.


Backed by 15 years of field experience, he shares observations and insights in his articles, aiming to bridge the dots between the food industry and its consumers. Passionate that food should be medicine, not poison, he advocates for clear, accessible information. This empowers consumers to make informed, conscious choices for themselves, their families, and the planet.

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