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The Future of Food from Copenhagen to the World

Rasmus Munk's Spora lab tackles the global food waste crisis with innovative, sustainable solutions. Did you know this initiative could change millions of lives through gastronomy and science collaboration?

Rasmus Munk' in Spora lab

Dear Food People,


Rasmus Munk, the visionary chef behind Copenhagen’s Alchemist, renowned for its audacious culinary experiences, is steering his creative prowess towards a noble cause with the inception of Spora, an innovative food lab aimed at pioneering sustainable culinary solutions. This new venture signifies a pivotal shift in Munk's career, focusing on sustainability with the ambition to positively impact millions by revolutionising the way we think about food and gastronomy. Spora, strategically located in the bustling city of Copenhagen, operates as an independent entity yet maintains a synergistic gastronomic partnership with Alchemist, symbolising a fusion of culinary excellence and environmental consciousness.


In 2023, Munk founded Spora as a global food research centre, dedicating its mission to the development of sustainable food solutions through advanced research and strategic collaborations with industry leaders. The lab emphasises two primary objectives: upcycling side-streams from the food industry and innovating around the creation of diverse, delicious protein sources. Featuring a comprehensive setup with a purpose-built research kitchen, microbiology labs, and a unique 3D design and sound studio, Spora champions a multidisciplinary approach. It brings together experts from various fields, including gastronomy, science, design, art, engineering, and business, to collaborate on projects that address the critical challenges facing our food systems.


Spora's innovative initiatives include the development of a sustainable chocolate alternative that does not use cocoa. This project aims to mitigate the environmental and ethical concerns associated with conventional chocolate production, such as deforestation and labour issues. Additionally, Spora explores the culinary potential of fungi, inspired by the Indonesian Oncom, to transform food side-streams into nutrient-rich, flavorful options by unlocking sugars and amino acids, thereby enriching foods with fruity and sweet notes.


The lab's commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in its collaborative research efforts with industry partners and academic institutions. Projects cover a wide range of topics, from fermenting fungi for culinary use to creating protein-rich foods from rapeseed press cake, developing meat and seafood alternatives with filamentous fungi and seaweed, and innovating in the realm of 3D-printed food. Spora’s meticulous quality control processes ensure that all food products not only adhere to the highest standards of taste, nutrition, and safety but also embody sustainability and innovation.


Spora’s mission extends beyond the lab, aiming to reshape the future of food and gastronomy by melding science with culinary art to discover sustainable solutions. Munk's transition from the spectacle of Alchemist’s dining to Spora’s focus on environmental impact reflects a broader shift in the culinary world towards embracing sustainability and innovation. This initiative not only invites dialogue and collaboration but also encourages those passionate about the sustainable future of food to contribute to Spora’s groundbreaking endeavours.


With its innovative approach and rigorous commitment to quality and sustainability, Spora is at the forefront of transforming the global food landscape. Munk's journey underscores a vital shift towards sustainability in the culinary industry, highlighting the importance of innovative solutions in addressing the environmental challenges of our time. Through Spora, Munk and his team aspire to lead by example, demonstrating how the intersection of culinary arts and environmental science can pave the way for a more sustainable, nutritious, and flavourful future.

And hey, if you've got any thoughts or ideas on how we can tackle environmental or food sustainability issues, or if there's something specific you want us to cover in our future articles, shoot us a message over at We'd love to hear from you!



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